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The Vermont Feed Dealers and Manufacturers Association has a 77-year history of providing leadership to Vermont’s agriculture industry. In addition to legislative activities, our funds continue to support scholarship awards to students pursuing agricultural careers. Our goal is to encourage ambitious students and universities to explore research that will positively impact consumers’ knowledge and view of the agriculture industry.

Our focus is on the welfare of the dairy, poultry and other livestock industries of Vermont and the mutual benefit of professionals and consumers in these industries through the cooperation of feed, seed and fertilizer dealers and manufacturers, with each other and with educational and service agencies.

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Our Scholarships

The Vermont Feed Dealers and Manufacturers Association Scholarship was established to encourage students to pursue degrees in fields related to agriculture.

Marjorie Chesney Scholarship (VT Farm Bureau)

The Marjorie Chesney Scholarship is awarded to a member student who successfully completes their first semester at UVM or VTC enrolled in an agricultural program. This scholarship and others are offered through the Vermont Student Assistance Corporation.Awarded

Vermont State Grange Agricultural Scholarship

The Vermont State Grange Agricultural Scholarship was created to encourage Vermont students to enter the field of agriculture.

Vermont Dairy Industry Association (VDIA) Memorial Scholarship

The Vermont Dairy Industry Association established this scholarship to further its commitment to assist students in their educational pursuits in the study of dairying.


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Vermont Ag Legislation

Vermont Ag Scholarships